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    DudhKoshi Power Company Pvt. Ltd.

    Dudhkoshi Power Company Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2062 V.S. (2006 AD) with the singular purpose of developing a hydropower project in Rawa Khola of Khotang district. This company is legally registered on 5 April, 2006 (2062-Chaitra 23) as per the erstwhile Private /Public Company Ordinance, 2062. Later on is regulated under the Company Act, 2063.

    In the beginning, its authorized capital was NRs. 50,000,000.00 and issued and paid up capitals were NRs. 45,000,000.00 equally. There were three members in the Board of Directors (BOD) and all were the founder members. Its corporate office was in Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No. 9, Sinamangal.

    The company received its survey license for generation on October 17, 2006 (2063-06-31 V.S.) for the first time to study of possible project in Rawa Khola of Khotang District in Sagarmatha Zone. The company began its work ahead and by its long and painstaking effort, it completed its first feasibility study in 2009. The report found a very feasible project in Rawa Khola and the project name was Rawa Khola Hydropower Project (6.5MW). Since the date, it took a turn so that a rough picture of project was shaped despite of many peculiar difficulties.

    After its feasibility study report was at hand, many possibilities were appeared and with great enthusiasm, the company kept on its further tasks and duties. The company succeeded to do agreement with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) for power connection on 14 August 2012. Similarly, IEE Report was approved by Ministry of Environment on Dec 24, 2012 ( Poush 9, 2069). The Rawa Khola Hydropower Project (6.5MW) of its first venture was registered in the Depart of Industry in Jan 4, 2013 (2069, Poush 20) The crucial and landmark task of any hydropower project, that is, power purchase agreement (PPA) was done with NEA in Jan 10, 2013 (2069 Poush 26). And finally, the company received it Construction License for Generation on the 11th of Feb, 2014 (Magh 28, 2070).

    There are many Changes in the history of company since the time of its incorporation. Now the company has authorized and issued capital of NRs. 360 millions. Paid up capital has been largely increased. The BOD is of five members. Its strength and scope has been growing every day; this has created a vibration in Khotang and overall Nepal. The company has reviewed its feasibility study report 2009 and prepared detail project report (DPR) in Jan 2015.

    The company is now responsible for many people and state and has been dedicated to contribute in the hydropower sector in Nepal.
    Office Address: Newbaneshwor-34, Milanchowk. House No: 126, Post Box: 12015, Phone: 01-4469270, Fax: 01-4491475, Email: